Purple 1 Cl.

Let the sight of the grandeur of Jesus transfigured prepare us for a brief contemplation of the humiliation of His Passion.

Introit (Ps 24. 6, 3, 22)

REMINISCERE miseratiónum tuárum, Dómine, et misericórdiae tuæ, quæ a sæculo sunt: ne unquam dominéntur nobis inimíci nostri: líbera nos, Deus Israel, ex ómnibus augústiis nostris. - (Ps. 24. 1, 2) Ad te, Dómine, levávi ánimam meam, Deus meus, in te confído, non erubéscam. Glória ... - Reminiscere ...



REMEMBER, O Lord, Thy bowels of compassion, and Thy mercies that are from the beginning of the world, lest at any time our enemies rule over us: deliver us, O God of Israel, from all our tribulations. - (Ps. 24. 1, 2). To Thee, O Lord, have I lifted up my soul: in Thee, O my God, I put my trust; let me be not ashamed. Glory to the Father... - Remember, O Lord ...


DEUS, qui cónspicis omni nos virtúte destítui: intérius exteriúsque custódi; ut ab ómnibus adversitátibus muniámur in córpore, et a pravis cogitatiónibus mundémur in mente. Per Dóminum nostrum Jesum Christum...


O GOD, who seest that we are wholly destitute of strength, keep us within and without: that we may be defended in body from all adversity: and cleansed in mind from evil thoughts. Through our Lord Jesus Christ ...


Lesson from the Epistle of Blessed Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians, 1. 4. 1-7.

[God our Creator and our Lord "hath called us not unto uncleanness, but unto sanctification, in Christ Jesus our Lord."]

FRATRES: Rogámus vos, et obsecrámus in Dómino Jesu, et quemádmodum accepístis a nobis quómodo opórteat vos ambuláre, et placére Deo, sic et ambulétis, ut abundétis magis. Scitis enim quæ præcépta déderim vobis per Dóminum Jesum. Hæc est enim volúntas Dei, sanctificátio vestra: ut abstineátis vos a fornicatióne, ut sciat unusquísque vestrum vas suum possidére in sanctificatióne, et honóre: non in passióne desidérii, sicut et gentes, quæ ignórant Deum: et ne quis supergrediátur, neque circumvéniat in negótio fratrem suum: quóniam vindex est Dóminus de his ómnibus, sicut prædíximus vobis, et testificáti sumus. Non enim vocávit nos Deus in immundítiam, sed in sanctificatiónem: in Christo Jesu Dómino nostro.

BRETHREN, We pray and beseech you in the Lord Jesus that, as you have received from us how you ought to walk and to please God, so also you would walk, that you may abound the more. For you know what precepts I have given to you by the Lord Jesus. For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you should abstain from fornication, that every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honor; not in the passion of lust, like the Gentiles that know not God: and that no man overreach nor circumvent his brother in business: because the Lord is the Avenger of all these things, as we have told you before and have all testified. For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto sanctification: in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Gradual (Ps. 24. 17, 18)

TRIBULATIONES cordis mei dilatátæ sunt: de necessitátibus meis éripe me, Dómine. Vide humilitátem meam, et labórem meum: et dimítte ómnia peccáta mea.



THE troubles of my heart are multiplied: deliver me from my necessities, O Lord. See my abjection and my labor; and forgive me all my sins.

Tract (Ps. 105. 1-4)

CONFITEMINI DÓMINO, quóniam bonus: quóniam in sæculum misericórdia ejus. Quis loquétur poténtias Dómini: audítas fáciet omnes laudes eius? Beáti qui custódiunt judícium, et fáciunt justítiam in omni témpore. Meménto nostri, Dómine: in beneplácito pópuli tui: vísita nos in salutári tuo.



GIVE glory to the Lord, for He is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Who shall declare the powers of the Lord: who shall set forth all His praises? Blessed are they that keep judgment and do justice at all times. V.: Remember us, O Lord, in the favor of Thy people: visit us with Thy salvation.


Continuation of the holy Gospel according to St. Matthew, 17. 1-9.

[Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ on Mount Thabor: manifestation of the divinity of Jesus.]

IN illo témpore: Assúmpsit Jesus Petrum, et Jacóbem, et Joánnem fratrem ejus, et duxit illos in montem excélsum seórsum: et transfigurátus est ante eos. Et resplénduit fácies ejus sicut sol: vestiménta autem eius facta sunt alba sicut nix. Et ecce apparuérunt illis Móyses et Elías cum eo loquéntes. Respóndens autem Petrus, dixit ad Iesum: Dómine, bonum est nos hic esse: si vis, faciámus hic tria tabernácula, tibi unum, Móysi unum, et Elíæ unum. Adhuc eo loquénte, ecce nubes lucida obumbravit eos. Et ecce vox de nube, dicens: Hic est Fílius meus diléctus, in quo mihi bene complácui: ipsum audíte. Et audiéntes discípuli, cecidérunt in fáciem suam, et timuérunt valde. Et accéssit Jesus, et tétigit eos, dixítque eis: Súrgite, et nolíte timére. Levántes autem óculos suos, néminem vidérunt, nisi solum Jesum. Et descendéntibus illis de monte, præcepit eis Jesus, dicens: Némini dixéritis visiónem, donec Fílius hóminis a mórtuis resúrgat. - Credo.

AT that time Jesus took Peter and James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into a high mountain apart: and He was transfigured before them. And His face did shine as the sun, and His garments became white as snow. And behold there appeared to them Moses and Elias talking with Him. Then Peter answering said to Jesus: Lord, it is good for us to be here: if Thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles, one for Thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias. And as he was yet speaking, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them. And lo, a voice out of the cloud, saying: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased: hear ye Him. And the disciples hearing, fell upon their face and were very much afraid. And Jesus came and touched them, and said to them: Arise, and fear not. And they, lifting up their eyes, saw no one, but only Jesus. And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying: Tell the vision to no man till the Son of Man be risen from the dead. —Creed.

Offertory (Ps. 118. 47, 48)

MEDITABOR in mandátis tuis, quæ diléxi valde: et levábo manus meas ad mandáta tua, quæ diléxi.



I WILL meditate on Thy commandments, which I have loved exceedingly: and I will lift up my hands to Thy commandments which I have loved.


SACRIFICIIS praeséntibus, Dómine quæsumus, inténde placátus: ut et devotióni nostræ profíciant, et salúti. Per Dóminum nostrum Jesum Christum ...



LOOK favorably upon these present Sacrifices, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that they may profit us both unto devotion and salvation. Through our Lord ...

Preface for Lent

From Ash Wednesday till Saturday before Passion Sunday.

VERE dignum et iustum est, æquum et salutáre, nos tíbi semper, et ubíque grátias ágere: Dómine sancte, Pater omnípotens, aetérne Deus. Qui corporáli jejunio vítia cómprimis, mentem élevas, virtútem largíris et præmia: per Christum Dóminum nostrum. Per quem maiestátem tuam laudant Angeli, adórant Dominatiónes, tremunt Potestátes. Cœli, cœlorúmque virtútes, ac beáta Séraphim, sócia exsultatióne concelébrant. Cum quibus et nostras voces, ut admitti jubeas deprecámur, súpplici confessióne dicéntes:


IT it truly meet and just, right and for our salvation, that we should at all times, and in all places, give thanks unto Thee, O holy Lord, Father almighty, everlasting God; Who by this bodily fast, dost curb our vices, dost lift up our minds and bestow on us strength and rewards; through Christ our Lord. Through whom the Angels praise Thy Majesty, the Dominations worship it, the Powers stand in awe. The Heavens and the heavenly hosts together with the blessed Seraphim in triumphant chorus unite to celebrate it. Together with these we entreat Thee that Thou mayest bid our voices also to be admitted while we say with lowly praise:


INTELLIGE clamórem meum: inténde voci oratiónis meæ, Rex meus, et Deus meus: quóniam ad te orábo, Dómine.



UNDERSTAND my cry: hearken to the voice of my prayer, O my King and my God: for to Thee will I pray, O Lord.


SUPPLICES te rogámus, omnípotens Deus: ut, quos tuis réficis sacraméntis, tibi étiam plácitis móribus dignánter deservíre concédas. Per Dóminum nostrum Jesum Christum ...



WE humbly beseech Thee, almighty God, that we whom Thou dost refresh by Thy Sacraments may worthily serve Thee by lives well pleasing to thee. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, who liveth ...