Subversion within the Church



I. The Anticipation of the Plot


1. The Plot as foretold by the Popes:


(a) Pope Pius IX (December 8 1864), Leo XIII (April 20 1884)


(b) Pope Leo XIII (June 20 1888), Pius X (February 11 1906, September 8 1907, August 25 1910)


(c) Pope Pius XI (January 6 1928), Pope Pius XII (November 20 1947)


2. The Plot as foretold by Our Lady


3. The Plot as foretold by secret societies 



II. The Realization of the Plot


1. Declaration on Religious Liberty realized the Plot


2. Remarks by a Pope and some Prelates


3. The inter-religious meeting at Assisi

4. Some Remarks by a member of the Masonic Lodge




III. Struggle with the Plot


1. Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro-Mayer to the Pope

2. Letter of Bishop Lazo of the Phillipines to the Pope


3. The Brief Examination of the 1969 Missal by Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci (The "Ottaviani Intervention")


4. Declaration by Cardinal Castrillon-Hoyos